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Kai Zausch
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19069 Zickhusen

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Viking Fortress of Jomsborg

Stanisław Wdowczyk


A impression of my work.

Boatyard Rammin & Söhne, Barth – Eastern Germany

During the education and working on a small yard at the Pomeranian Lagoons I was engaged in restoration and construction of pomeranian driftnet-boats and had a lot of work with repairing of small clinkered fishing boats.








Open-Air Museum, Groß Raden – Mecklenburg

I 1998 I started as boat builder in a project supported by the State Office for heritage Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and the Vikingeskibsmuseet i Roskilde. Together with Hanus Jensen from Vikingeskibsmuseet i Roskilde, I built a copy of the slavonic boat-find, Ralswiek II, from the 9th century. The launch of this first boat was in 1998.
From 1998 to 2000 I built a second copy of this boat within the interpretations of archaeological finds.
Sail and rigging of the boats were reconstructed by Erik Andersen of Vikingeskibsmuseet.
We tested the properties of the two boats in scientifically guided sailing trips with members of the Naval Institute of Roskilde.

Bootsbauplatz Groß Raden
Holz Spalten









In 2001 I finished a copy of a norwegian Strandebarmfæring for a private customer.
The Strandebarmfæring is a small
clinker boat type from the norwegian
south coast.






Regin unter segeln






In 2006 I had finished the Osterfjord boat, a copy of a church boat from Osterfjord in Norway. The boat I built for a boat group that wanted to sail a boat with a single square-rigg. This boat is built true to the norwegian boat building tradition. We also sewed the sail themselves. It works great.

Helling 1Helling 2









StapellaufAuf dem Liegeplatz




















Boatbuilding on
BUGA - a National Garden Festival in Schwerin

In 2009 I constructed a six rowers and built it in old slavonic boatbuildungtradition during the National Garden Festival in Schwerin '09-BUGA.
The client was the State Office for Culture and Heritage Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
The finished boat is equipped with a single square sail, made
in my course studio.
The boat will be used for
sailing with young people by a sailing club in Schwerin.





Planken behauenPlankenhuelle


























Fertiges BootSeitenruderAuf Handelsreise


















Kai Zausch


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